It is a harsh reality that it is difficult to find inexpensive online car insurance quotes for the teenagers. This is because these inexperienced drivers belong to the extremely high risk category, according to the insurance companies.  Unfortunately, this categorization by the insurance companies is strongly supported by data. Recent surveys reveal the fact that nearly 50% of the teenage drivers in the United States either talk or send texts using their cell phones while driving. This is the reason why most of the companies are not too keen provide car insurance to the teenagers. However, the teenagers can certainly take certain measures to receive online car insurance quotes that suit their and their parents’ budget.   

These teenagers can approach those insurance companies that offer specialized service for high risk category. However, they need to put in some extra effort and time in order to receive online car insurance quotes of their choice. Like any other customer, they can also take assistance from the websites that generate a large number of insurance quotes. A thorough comparison of these quotes can certainly help them find an inexpensive insurance policy. In many occasions the parents add their teenaged child to their existing car insurance plan instead of signing them up for a new auto insurance policy. This can be an extremely economical option if the parents have a good driving history. However, this option will not make any difference at all if the parents drive an expensive car. In that case it is much better to have a separate policy for the young driver.  The same rule applies if the parents have a bad driving record.

Another useful alternative for the young drivers to attract affordable online car insurance quotes is by attending driver’s education classes from a well known driving school.

Most of the insurance companies offer discounts to drivers certified by these institutions. However, different companies have different criterion to avail these discounts. The teenage drivers can find out these criterions from the companies before enrolling with a driver’s training school. It is possible to avail up to 40% discount by becoming a certified driver from these schools. These young drivers must not drive expensive luxury cars if they are interested in receiving online car insurance quotes that are not too expensive. They must also install all the safety features in their cars because it is much easier to bring down the premium rates when cars are equipped these devices.   

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