The masters degree in educational technology at Devry prepares teachers and other professionals in the education industry to properly use technology and other tools to support and strengthen teaching and learning in the classroom. With better knowledge of technology and how it can help education, students, schools, and teachers will become more successful and useful in their communities.

This program will provide teachers a firm foundation for appropriate decision making about educational technology and other ways to make teaching more feasible and enjoyable for students. Apart from being beneficial, this program is conveniently instructed online. You will be able to earn your degree from the comfort of your home on your own time.

Some of the skills you will learn when you pursue this degree includes:

Applying design theories to educational technology
Strategies to include technology in the learning process
Web based platforms and how to support the learning community with them
Evaluate how effective technology is to learning and in the classroom

For many educational institutions, a master’s degree is the requirement to succeed and get a higher ranking. If you are looking to be successful, earn a high salary, and make a difference in the lives of many students and adults, a master’s degree is the perfect decision for you. Education is one of the largest industries in today’s world, and if you can apply technology to it, there is no doubt that you will be extremely successful.

Request more information from Devry’s educational technology program and get started on a new career and life now.


Chelsae Su
Dane Media

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