Operations management, as the core to the sustainability of any organization, is majorly concerned with creating value through effective innovation, acquisition, production and distribution of goods or services as this ensures that organization resources still remain efficient for future productions. It comprises strategic, tactical and operational levels of management. Therefore this essay will analyze different Operations management perspectives in Dell Inc.

Name and type of operations-The Company that was chosen for this analysis is Dell Company that deals with the development, selling and maintenance of personal computers, network switches, computer peripherals, data storage devices and software. It also sells products like cameras, MP3 players, HDTVs as well as other electronics developed by other companies. In this regard, it is mainly a product that operates both locally and internationally.

Main Operations Management can be realized in how it manages product quality, supply-chain, human resources, business locations and maintenance strategies.

Quality management- In the various products that Dell develops, it is always ensured that they meet specific needs of customers based on their lifestyles. It also uses employs thorough technological research and development that prepares it for future productions of cutting edge computers. In doing all these, it can be seen that the company achieves high customer satisfaction that contributes to increased value on their products (PowerPoint slide 1). They also help the company to maintain product leadership thus offering it better competitive advantage.

Supply-chain management- Dell Company ensures that any product sold within their value chain complies with legal requirements of human rights.

Analytically, this makes them portray good ethical standards in their business thus capturing customer loyalty in every level of supply chain (PowerPoint Slide 1). Based on global standards, Dell suppliers must either meet Dell standards or exceed it. The advantage here is that it would make the company’s products be accepted in the international market. This company also support, trains and monitor the performance of their suppliers. This would make them realize the expected organizational goals.

Human resources management- Full time, part-time and contract employees of Dell Inc are provided with flexible working conditions that allow them to work even from home through remote facilities. Critically, this improves employees’ productivity and job satisfaction that consequently leads to high retention level (PowerPoint slide 2).

Maintenance management- Having realized employees as the greatest resource, Dell Inc continuous trains and develops its employees. It also utilizes its global network to ensure immediate access of emerging technologies. Logically, this would enable the company maintain highly experienced staff and a competitive edge in the market, which consequently leads to its continuous operations and increased productivity (PowerPoint Slide 2)

Global strategy- Within its expansion strategy, it is realized that Dell promises to establish more headquarters for its operations in Africa, Asia and Australia. This would move its products closer to the customer’s thus increasing product value and sales (PowerPoint slide 2). It also hasWebsite as a means of increasing global availability of services related to its products.

Dell Company has effective Operations Management because strategically, it has considered technological improvement based on research, proper training and support of supply-chains. Tactically, this company has ensured that any supplied products either meet their standards or global standards. Operationally, it considers observance of ethical policies and proper quality achievement based on customer’s perspective.

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