If there’s one thing a lot of parents want to escape it’s long distance travel with their children. It’s not that they don’t like spending time with the little ones; staying home and having great fun with the kids is a dream. The problem is that travel is an entirely different ballgame. Children are impatient; travelling long distance isn’t a good way to test them, really. Unlike travelling with adults, travelling with children is a lot more difficult and complicated. Where adults can stay patient and wait a few hours before their next meal, or before finding a place to rest, children don’t have the same fortitude. They’ll be bawling in no time.

However, there are times when travelling with kids really is necessary. Perhaps you need to go on a holiday as a whole family, or you just have a few errands to run and don’t have anyone to leave the children with. These are a few instances wherein you will have to learn how to travel with kids the safe and fuss-free way. One of the most important things you need to remember is that children are (obviously) very different from adults, and they have different needs. They are also a lot more vulnerable, so it’s ideal to put their safety and comfort paramount.

To make sure your children travel with you safely, check that you actually have all the following tips memorised and done:

While in public places, make sure you never let your child wander off alone. Public transportation areas like the tube or train stations are particularly difficult. Usually, crowded areas make it very easy for you to lose track of your child. With so many criminal elements out there, this is definitely not something you’d like to happen. Don’t let your child out of your sight. If necessary, get a wrist strap that keeps the two of you connected. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.
Bring food! Kids are very impatient, and they can be really uncomfortable once their basic needs aren’t provided immediately. Always have a few snacks and drinks at the ready. It’s better than having to divert just so you can find a place to get some food for your child. Water, of course, is the most important. Bring a few toys, too, if you like.
Install a car seat. Children’s car seats are very important, especially since these are already government-mandated requirements. In getting a car seat, you have to keep in mind that it’s because adult safety features built into the car are unsuitable. Using the regular adult seatbelt, for example, could choke a child. When buying children’s car seats, make sure you get the right size. It’s also important that you check the compatibility with your car before purchasing any children’s car seats. Ask the salesperson for assistance to ensure that you’re getting the right one. Also, children’s car seats should be installed in the backseat.
Bring a pushchair with you. Pushchairs are useful, but sometimes parents decide to leave them at home just so they won’t have to find a way to stash it in their luggage. However, not having a stroller with you can be seriously tiring. Just imagine having a child in your arms the entire time. A child is also a lot more comfortable and safe when within a pushchair.
Prepare for an emergency. You never know what could happen, so your child should be properly equipped at all times. Place a whistle around your child’s neck, so that he or she can signal to you should you ever get separated in a crowd. Also have an ID card on your child’s person, so that anyone who finds them can help them contact you immediately.

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