Jobs in UAE are the most sought after in the Gulf region. Once the jobseeker has landed a job in the UAE, his next concern is to bring along his family if he is married. Relocation is a big concern with families as moving to a new place can be challenging. For the first few months after moving, the family member enjoys the place sightseeing and knowing about the place. The earning member is busy with his office. It is the family member of who is left at home gets bored. Be it the spouse or grown up children, killing time in a foreign land can be quite boring.

If the family members have good education and have the work experience, then they can search for part time jobs in UAE. Regular work hours in UAE are 8 hours and usual work time is from 9 am to 6 pm. Companies working in the Public sector are start earlier.  Consulates and embassies have less working hours and the workday ends for them in the afternoon. Shopping malls and souks open from 10 in the morning and closes around 10 in the night. Some shopping centers are open until midnight. The weekends in UAE are on Fridays and Saturdays. Friday in considered a holy day in Islam and people go to mosque for Friday prayers. Shops and other commercial establishments are closed on Friday.

The part time jobs in UAE are ideal for those who cannot give the entire day to work. Women with kids in the house can easily avail these part time job opportunity. Young adults, enrolled in study courses, can join these part time jobs in UAE to get work experience. Earning a little money is not bad either. The best thing of such jobs is they are not contract bound and can be left on one’s wishes. Some part time jobs are home-based which makes these jobs attractive to jobseekers.

Many law firms require services of law experts for shorter time span. There are positions available for legal secretary, whose chief responsibility is to assist lawyers. This type of part time job can be done for 1 month or 6 month depending upon the requirements and your time availability.

Another good opening for part time job is for the position Web designer or Web Developer. Many web development companies requires applicant for such positions. Most of these positions are project based. Experienced candidates in the IT domain can apply.  Some more part time jobs in UAE in the Information Technology sector are positions IT Helpdesk Support Engineer, Technical Support Engineer and Data Centre Supervisor.  These IT jobs require applicants to have management or engineering qualifications. Candidates with experience are preferred for such positions.

There are many part time jobs available for customer service executives. The jobs for customer service executive require good communication skills. Knowledge of English language is necessary for such a job. Some companies also prefer Arabic speaking people for such jobs as the client base is the locals.

In addition, online data entry and editing jobs are god source of part time income in UAE. 

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