Unemployment is nightmarish in United Kingdom. It is more so after the British Finance Minister George Osborne has taken steps in the recent days to cause further shrinkage in the job market. Hence, part time jobs are now important more than ever. Part time jobs are of short term or of long term nature. People of different status (unemployed/retrenched/retired ones, students and homemaker women for example) are already present in the part time job market. One more important thing is that there is great competition in the part time job market.

Part time jobs market is crowded with students from schools to varsities and with teenagers belonging to the financially backward families. Each of them is there to sweat and earn a little amount for personal needs or for the needs of his/her family. Hunters of such jobs are ready, at times, to move to other towns away from their home area. Options are there, but not good in numbers. Students like to stick to the premises of their institutes so that they are not to miss their studies. Job-seekers in the part time job markets want good treatment from their employers.

Conditions of the people who have lost their jobs owing to retrenchment or downsizing policy of a company do never feel it comfortable if they are sufficiently aged. It is not possible for anybody to learn fresh type of jobs one after another in a lifetime. The same is true for the retired people. This is what exactly happens in most of the cases for the aged persons. It is always good for the retired persons to get assignment as guides/counselors in which position they can contribute better.

The aged individuals should take care of their habits and health wherever they are engaged in the part time jobs.

Ten-to-sixers are in plenty in the part time job market, but there are workers who are ready to take charges of the jobs for a few hours even after the evening. Homemaker women are found to be contented with the part time jobs which they secure close to their home.

Employers for part time jobs are of different nature. Some of them have feelings for their workers and a few of them lack humanity. Nevertheless, the job-seekers are to withstand the pressure to meet up demands of daily life.


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