It is time for employers to create thoughts about W2 Forms. employer are necessary to issue W-2 forms to their workers no later than January 31, 2011 and necessary to file W2 A and W3 forms with the Social Security management no later than February 28, 2011. The February 28, 2011 due date is if filed on document, if filing electronically the due date is extended to March 31, 2011.

Employers have 2 options to generate Form W2 themselves. That by payroll software may have the selection to print w2 forms straight from their software. If that choice is not obtainable they may select to utilize W-2 software.

In general payroll software robotically generates Form W-2 using the payroll data generated throughout the year for each worker. Enter general company information counting employer identification number and address. Subsequently enter worker common information including Social Security Number and address. Because filing status, number of exemptions and pay regularity all go in to determining the amount of income tax withholding, which is reflected on employee’s Form W2, this is important data to add to your payroll software. Once your payroll program has been set-up with your company data you are prepared to make checks and print W2 forms.

In payroll software click the pay button, bring up the employee’s pay check information. For hourly or per piece workers enter the number of hours or pieces, for salaried employees the gross income will by design be entered and for variable types of incomes such as commission the user will enter the gross income.

By entering these amounts and hitting the tab key on the keyboard the payroll provider will see the withholding information which will then automatically move to Form W2.

Make payroll checks that automatically calculate 2011 federal and state income tax withholding. The income tax withholding from the checks will robotically be populated on Form W-2. Box 1 will comprise federally taxable wages, Box 2 federal income tax withheld, Box 3 social security wages, Box 4 social security tax withheld, Box 5 Medicare wages, Box 6 Medicare tax withheld, Box 7 social security tips, Box 8 Allocated tips, Box 9 advance EIC payments, Box 10 dependent care payback, Boxes 11, 12 a, 12b, 12c, 12d, 13, 14 will all be brought over from the payroll checks that have been created in the system. State tax Boxes 15 through 20 will include the withholdings from the employees’ checks pertaining to state income tax where relevant.

For employers not using automated payroll software a good choice for printing Form W2 is W2 software. Separate W2 software allows the user to fill in company, employee and W2 data directly on W2 forms. Then print W-2 forms to issue to workers and submit to the Social Security management.

Employers are necessary to report employee wages and income tax withholding to the Social Security Administration. Get detailed Form W2 instructions on the (IRS) Internal Revenue Service website.

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