In this new era people are completely engaged in various aspects of life. Through Distance learning courses one can have the great opportunity for education as well as self empowerment at the same time. The open universities serve the distance learning courses to the society by offering comprehensive information, networking as well as opportunity to learn and grow. They assist you to always stay connected and ahead of global technological and managerial trends in learning. Through various methods including online learning, satellite, e-learning, mobile learning, computer-based training, web-based training, online training, videoconferencing and webinars they are crossing the physical boundaries. They also support the overall multi-facet development and full spectrum application of distance learning, education as well as training by uniting learners around the world.

The open universities encourage distant education and Correspondence Courses in MBA and create as well as convey skill set, knowledge by quality distance learning programs that meet and exceed diverse local, national, and global requirements. An MBA institute that offer Correspondence Courses and fosters online and on-site education always wants to provide academic excellence and relevance. They always strive to expand the reach of education through corresponding course that is open to all, flexible and responsive to the global exhaustive challenges of a rapidly transforming world.

Institutes of Correspondence Courses offer a continuous learning atmosphere that encourages critical thinking, rejuvenates creativity as well as hinders multidirectional relationships between students and faculty. They are also determined an education and learning that recognizes and enhances the required skills of each individual and assists to develop their capacity. They foster highly dynamic and modern academic programs that cobble academic content and professional requirements. They always introduce innovative educating methodologies to develop flexible delivery methods, adapted to the needs of the students.

Students can pursue Correspondence Courses in MBA and in other streams. If you are residing in India then it is extremely convenient to take admission in MBA Correspondence Institutes. They offer an education that offers continuous follow up of the students and introduces the process of lifelong learning in the students. They also promote the all round creation of an intellectual podium that seeks pragmatic solutions for the creation of a system that blends economic growth, prosperity, social justice, integral approach and sustainable development.

India MBA Correspondence – Indian Management School & Research Centre (IMSR) was founded by Shri Ganesh Seva Trust – Govt. of Maharashtra Regd. No.: E-6260 (Thane). IMSR was established by the collective efforts of many Educationists, Scientists and Social thinkers in the year 2001 to enhance India MBA Correspondence.

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