Philosophy papers are written to give a reasoned defense of some claim made by the same person over a certain topic of discussion. Philosophy papers must show an argument not only of the writers opinion but also any other writer. The writer must give enough reasons to believe in the claims he has made. Philosophy papers are aimed at a variety of accomplishments. When writing philosophy papers one should table an argument for approval. The philosophy paper argument is criticized by invalidating some of the philosophical papers argument.

The writer of the thesis is supposed to defend his argument against the critics made. While defending the writer of the philosophy paper will have to give reasons with an aim of convincing the critics stating why they should believe him. In defending the argument the writer must site relevant examples which are related to the thesis. The writer of the philosophy papers should use examples to validate his argument while contrasting the weaknesses from the strengths of the opposing views about the thesis. When defending the thesis against other philosophers the writer should argue in a manner to show that the other philosophers have other views for holding on an opinion contrary to his. The writer is supposed to give in details the consequences if the thesis if it was validated. After making the defense the writer should revise his thesis on the basis of the objections made.

In writing the philosophy papers one makes an assumption that his audience is contrary to his opinion and the duty of the writer is to persuade the listeners and convince them on his ground. This clearly shows that the writer must give plausible reasons for his argument. In convincing the audience one should not make assumptions but rather should start with the arguments of consensus. Philosophy papers are characterized by brief and small points yet well elaborated and provide valid reasons and appropriate examples in its support. The other quality of good philosophy papers is originality. The philosopher writer must show independent thinking while making his argument and must avoid using the idea of someone else in defending his thesis. This will prove how conversant you are with the material of discussion. Ideal philosophy papers will be simple, accurate and giving critical arguments for the arguments made. On should have his own way of defending his argument. In writing philosophy papers there are three stages involved. The early stage of philosophical papers is involved with the preliminary research done before writing the first draft. This stage will include developing the outline and making specifying the arguments of interest. One should discuss with other people on the arguments so as to be well vast with information and have a better understanding of the arguments in the paper. After sharing, the writer can now make an outline. When making the outline the writer should ask himself the various positions to be discussed, what time to present the opponents position and in what order to criticize the opponent . the clarity of the philosophy papers will depend largely on the structure. The research should be started early to have enough time to comprehend the arguments. The second stage is writing the draft. In writing the draft use simple prose by keeping the sentence and paragraph short. Common words should be used. Philosophy papers should be brief and to the oint without leaving out information. The last segment is rewriting and rewriting. The writer should ensure that each sentence has a purpose.


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