For individuals with specific health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, or lung-related illnesses, having a set of reliable medical equipments is a must. These medical devices will be a great help in independent living and in improving ones quality of life.

The medical equipments being used in healthcare facility before are mostly manually operated and only highly skilled medical professionals are able to use them. But with the recent developments in nanotechnology and genetics as well as the introduction of more powerful and incredible computers, high-end tools that can be used by healthcare practitioners in diagnosing, monitoring, and therapy of ailing individuals are then introduced. And these collections of innovative and portable medical equipments are now widely offered not just in local stores but also in various online medical equipment sales shops. So what are the portable medical equipments that should be found in every home?

Based on the survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it was revealed that heart related disease is the leading cause of death in the United States such as coronary artery disease and heart attack. Therefore, one of the important medical equipment that should be found in most home is a reliable heart rate monitoring device. This instrument will help individuals to be updated with their heart condition. The heart rate monitor is also beneficial for cardiac rehabilitation of patients who have had a heart attack before. Moreover, in the event of cardiac arrest, having a portable defibrillator is also a big advantage. This is one of the medical equipments being used to restart the heart when the said organ suddenly and unexpectedly stops its normal activity.

Apart from CAD and heart attack, hypertension could also a risk factor for heart disease. With CDC statistics for hypertension, they found out that 1 of 3 American adult is hypertensive. And the worse thing about it is many hypertensive individuals never know they are suffering from such health condition as it does not immediately show signs or symptoms. But such disorder is preventable if every home is equipped with reliable and easy to use blood pressure device. Through this, they can track their blood pressure and take preventative measures if necessary.

Meanwhile, for individuals with lung-related illness like asthma or emphysema, a hand-held is another important equipment that should be included in your home medical cabinet. This device plays a crucial role in airways disease management. The availability of nebulizer enables you to easily and successfully administer the medicines that will provide relief to patients with difficulties in breathing.


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