PR employment has steadily gone up in recent years. After the recession lowers down, the demand for these jobs is likely to go higher up. PR jobs are not only present in a great quantity; they are also one of the highest paying jobs of current times.

They are also a great boost for your career as it is possible to make both vertical and horizontal leaps through these jobs. Thus you never have the option of getting bored.

The first thing that you need to keep in mind while searching for PR work is to write a good resume. You can have a lot of experience and qualifications, but if you are not able to present them properly, they will never reach the employer.

Think of your resume as your first assignment in PR. You have to present a positive image of yourself to a potential employer. Now write the resume in a way that would have touched you if you were the employer.

There is a lot of competition coming your way if you are looking for work in PR. This is because although the jobs are large in number, a lot of people are interested in this field. This field is challenging and pays well; it is also a very glamorous field to work in and can provide a lot of opportunities for creativity.

So be humble and get your hands on any kind of PR job that is offered to you initially. Even if the job doesn’t pay well, you can always put it up on your resume as internship. An internship always has a value that many paying jobs don’t.

In the initial days of PR, there were not many schools that taught Public Relations. However times have changed now. You can find a lot of schools and colleges that provide degrees in PR.

But to be a PR Officer, a person needs to have good communication skills. He should also be fluent in verbal and written skills. A working knowledge of advertising is always welcome. However it pays to remember that advertising is different from PR.

While advertising pays for the media time it uses, PR is actually concerned with free usage of media space and time. This is done through inviting the press on promotional campaigns or press conferences.

Employment in PR becomes easy once you have a degree in PR. Many universities teach PR in separate departments or they inculcate it under various heads such as Communications or Journalism. When you study a subject like PR, it becomes easy to understand the working procedure inside this job.

Most of these courses also provide you with internship which helps you to understand the job better. PR employment opportunities are different in different companies. This means that the way a PR job will be handled in Health will be different in Education. So you need to first decide what kind of PR field interests you. Then you can start in that field in the PR department.

You can also work for PR firms which handle the Public Relations of different companies or individuals. PR employment like this will give you a wide base and provide a lot of experience.

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