Certified nurse’s aide is popularly known as certified nursing assistant. They are very active member of the health care team in a health care facility. Certified nursing assistants were introduced to reduce the work load of nurses. These nurses are the frontline nurses and they work under the supervision of their senior nurses. The rank of a certified nursing assistant is just the start of nursing profession and therefore it provides you with great chances of progression. These nurses work as the patient’s care takers and help him with all their basic routine tasks. It is the duty of these nurses to check and keep the record of patient’s vital signs like blood sugar, blood pressure, body temperature and pulse rate. They also monitor the patients very closely so that they can inform the Registered Nurse if anything goes wrong, they are therefore also referred to as the eyes and ears of registered nurses.

Becoming a certified nurse’s aide is not a very difficult task and all you have to do is to get a few weeks training from a recognized institute and obtain your cna certification. There are many schools and colleges offering different programs for the training of certified nursing assistants. A standard program includes both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. In a standard program the first week is usually of theory classes and from the second week you will be giving four days to your practical training and one day to your theory classes. Practical classes are very important because they give you the chance to polish your practical skills and helps to get a brief idea of your job.

You can choose to get your training from any institute but it is advised that before taking admission you should check its recognition with the state’s board of nursing.

Red Cross is a very well recognized organization which is offering their programs for the nursing training. Other schools also puts lot of effort in the training of their students but getting your training from an institute like Red Cross would always be beneficial for you. If you are too busy to join these courses then there is no need to give it up because there are other methods of getting your training. There are many online schools which allow you to get training online through internet. This type of training will allow you to get your training at your home or at work without any time restrictions.

Once you finish your training you will be able to appear in an exam. This exam is necessary to get your certification. Like your raining, the exam will be based on both theory and practical. For the theory section you will be given 50 MCQs and for the practical test you will be taken to a ward to cater certain situation. During your practical exam you will be tested for your procedure as well as your ability to handle the stress of work. After passing this exam you will get your certification and then you would be able to start your career as a certified nurse’s aide.

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