Getting through college without a job and very little money can be stressful. I know I’ve been there. In the end I was forced to take a job at the local pizza place just to make ends meet. Studying all day then working late into the night is definitely not fun. I studied business and dreamed of financial freedom. Making plans for the future seemed to get me through those dreary days that seemed like they wouldn’t end. For many finding a part time job while they study just isn’t possible, that’s why finding a good student loan to ease the financial burden is critical. There are many kinds of student loans with varying rates of interest, conditions and repayment schedules we’ll have a look at a few of these below. There are two major sources for student loans, the Federal Government and private lending institutions. A Federal loan is the cheapest way to fund your college degree but these loans generally only provide enough to pay for your basic college expenses. There are a few different types of Government loans and the school where you are attending should be able to help you find a loan that suits you. Some loans will require interest payments to be made immediately while others are interest free until you complete your college degree. Make sure you are aware of all of these details before signing up for a loan. You need to be confident that you can make the repayments if and when they are due. While Government loans generally make things
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