It is not wrong if we consider ProForma invoice template as an estimation invoice for business dealing. As the particulars of template contains almost each and every details of the shipment like quantity of goods, transportation charges according to weight etc. If you are into export- import business, this document plays significant role in your business. The first and foremost thing which must be incorporated is the description of goods which is to be transported. You need to check whether custom departments of both the countries allow it or not. The next important thing is ‘currency’. In an export import business, it is important to decide trading on one currency which is accepted world over. The rate of currency on a specific date must therefore be considered. For example: Exchange rate as on date of locking the deal or on the date when currency will be exchanged. These all are basic things which should be kept in mind while trading cross border because different countries have different rules and thus cost of shipment changes accordingly. Another thing which should be considered is the cost involved in freight and insurance charges and must be clearly mentioned in invoice.

The most important and the last thing which you should do with your Pro Forma invoice is to include expiry date of your quoted price. This will enable you to avoid the situation of customer coming back to you after six months and asking for the same price, in the future. Thus all these things help buyers, to know everything in advance which helps them to arrange his resources accordingly like labor, forwarder, money etc. A Pro Forma invoice gives buyer, estimation and a clear picture of trading with a particular seller.

If buyer is not happy with seller, he has full liberty to choose another one because in this document, no one is liable to one another.


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