With the opening of the 107th Canton Fair music, giant U.S. multinational procurement Luma Wei (LumaVue) and high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen, Guangdong LED light FUYUAN, original lighting companies in Guangzhou in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Building signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Intention of 80 million U.S. dollars and signed a large single purchase.

It is reported that, Luma Vue is located in the United States, a professional LED lighting products multinational buyers, the company is seizing the global LED industry development trend of supply to North America and other developed countries, the most advanced green lighting products. Former Wal-Mart’s global sales planning, marketing, and executive vice president of global procurement, three years ago, “the sea” current LumaVue vice president of business planted John J. Ryan said the company will play the past experience in global sourcing, and change the past Wal-Mart hundreds of thousands of commodity procurement model, focusing on procurement of LED lighting products, to create the world navigate the LED supplier.

Shenzhen Sunshine Fuyuan Technology Corporation is a high-power LED lighting products, the navigator, as the earliest promoters of high-power LED lighting products, the company now has nearly 20 patents, utility model patents, its products and technologies have been Canada, Europe and the United States exports of developed countries, the original lighting companies in Guangzhou is in the LED industry Zhizhe hard in recent years is the first concern and began to open up the field in the LED local high-tech enterprises in Guangdong. According to Luma Wei (LumaVue) Senior Vice President, Asia General Manager Tan Xiao introduced the company in mainland China after more than a year looking for strategic partners and, ultimately, dozens of LED lighting companies, select a technology leadership, quality assurance The two companies. Procurement of both companies products are only one step, today signed a strategic cooperation agreement three is to the advantage of further integration of the three companies to more closely into the international market.

LumaVue Gary Dunn, president and CEO, said the next two years the sun will Fuyuan Shenzhen, Guangzhou, original lighting LED manufacturers in China 80 million U.S. dollars purchasing products, and as long as the manufacturers can keep pace, the share purchase will be more Great. More importantly, the three companies of strategic cooperation will change the past, procurement of goods through middlemen trading company model, Luma Wei to the needs of the market according to European and American developed countries, directly to the cooperation of Guangdong, the two companies issued a production order or production processes process, the company’s market plan is in line with Wal-Mart’s sales target. The former Wal-Mart supplier development vice president vowed to reporters, said.

Guangdong is China’s LED industry focus area, the domestic manufacture of more than 50% market share in Guangdong Province Governor Huang Huahua said recently, to the LED industry in 2012, Guangdong will reach 100 billion yuan.

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