Tedious, tiresome, time-consuming. And you’ve only gotten through the objective statement. If you’re writing your resume and you’re thinking, “there must be an alternative to this!,” there is. Professional resume writers take on projects like yours every day.

Costly? Well, that depends. Sure, a pro will need to charge $ 90 to $ 150 or more to cover his costs and keep him in business. Don’t forget, however, that every week you’re out of work because a home-grown resume isn’t getting interviews is a week you’re missing out on a multi-hundred dollar paycheck.

Here’s what a professional resume writer can do to get you back into those paychecks as quickly as possible:

The professional resume writer is adept in the techniques of writing a resume, from knowing which format (chronological, functional or a combo) best suits a client’s work history, to knowing what to leave off a resume (sometimes more important that what you include on one). 
The pro has industry insight; most (or at least the better ones) have come out of industry, and understand the language. Ideally, the resume writer you select will have come out of your industry, with an intimate understanding of the particulars of your discipline.
The pro is comfortable working with “keywords,” optimizing them into a resume to facilitate database searches.
The professional resume writer is, most importantly, a marketing pro. There’s a real skill in selling a job candidate to an often cynical audience (i.e., recruiters and hiring officials) with nothing more than words on a page.
A professionally-written resume instills confidence. Knowing that your resume represents you in the most favorable light possible simply makes it easier to step forward; place calls to prospective employers, schedule interviews, and sit down across the table from hiring officials with confidence.

While not everyone needs the services of a professional resume writer, a pro can save you time and energy that might be better utilized toward other aspects of your job search. Couple that with the confidence that comes from knowing your resume can compete in a tough economic marketplace, and a professional resume service might be your next best career move.

Former headhunter and pro resume writer David Alan Carter reviews the Web’s most popular professional resume writers at the website TopResumeServices.com, spelling out their pricing and giving each a star ranking. (Note: David’s “Top 3 Picks” are professional resume services that actually guarantee interviews.)

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