If you have a high level of written English ability, then you might be able to try your hand at proofreading jobs at home. This means that you are responsible for checking the grammar, spelling and syntax of other people’s writing and return it to the customer ready to be published with no errors.

Through the internet you are able to find lots of proofreading jobs to complete from the comfort of your home. There are many different websites where you can find proofreading jobs and bid on them.

Normally on these different websites there are jobs that are advertised by the people who need the service provided and you place a bid. If you are chosen by the service provider, then you will be emailed the writing that they need proofread. When you have completed the proofing, then you send it back and you are then paid for it.

Starting out using these websites is the best way to develop a list of clients. Often you will begin to gather regular clients and you will have enough work to keep you going without having to bid on other projects.

In order to be chosen for proofreading jobs when you are new to the field, you will generally have to bid low. Initially you will probably not earn as much money, but once you have customer reviews and repeat customers, then you will be able to increase the price that you charge for the service.

Customer service is very important if you want to make a living out of your proofreading and get repeat customers and good reviews on the websites. That means that you have to do a good job with the proofing and return it to the customer in a timely fashion. Proofreading jobs at home can provide you with a little extra salary or you can convert it into a full time work from home business:it just depends on what your personal goals are.

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