Degrees in the field of public administration allow students to pursue a variety of careers. Students can train for professions as city managers, social workers, executive assistants, city planners, and other related positions. Accredited public administration schools are available to those looking to pursue an education in this field. Degrees in public administration can be earned at an undergraduate level which includes associate and bachelor’s degrees. Students can also train for a masters or doctorates degree level.

*Undergraduate Degrees

There are numerous accredited schools and colleges that allow students to earn an undergraduate degree. There are two degrees at this level of study.

1. Associates degree

With an associates degree program in public administration students can expect to spend two years on study. Coursework at this level may consist of studying subjects such as public policy, organizational theory, political science, and much more. Students who choose to obtain an associate level degree can apply for positions like computer specialist, administrative officer, computer programmer, and other professions. With an associates degree students can enter the workforce or continue education and train for a higher degree.

2. Bachelors degree

Students looking to earn a degree in the field of public administration can do so through a variety of educational programs. A bachelor’s degree typically takes students four years to acquire. With an accredited program students will have the opportunity to learn economics, accounting, management, and other knowledge and skills. By training for a bachelors degree in this field students will be able to apply for employment as security specialists, public administrators, government workers, and much more. Students who earn a degree at this level can choose to pursue a graduate degree or find employment.

*Graduate Degrees

When looking to gain an education in public administration students can choose to enroll in a graduate degree program. There are degrees available at this level of education.

1. Masters degree

With a master’s in public administration program students can obtain their degree in under three years. Students who study at this level can look forward to finding careers as management specialists, computer specialists, and more. With an accredited educational program students will study coursework like financial management, advocacy, program development, and other courses. Training at this level of education will allow students to enter the career they desire or further their education.

2. Doctorates degree

Doctorates degrees or PhD’s in public administration are available from a number of accredited educational training programs. Accredited colleges allow students to train at this level and earn their degree in four years or less. Coursework will provide students with the skills and knowledge to enter into careers like research and teaching, non-profit management, public management, and more. Students will be able to study social welfare, public finance, policy making, and more. An accredited doctorates degree will provide students with the necessary training to start their career.

By enrolling in an accredited program students can obtain the training they need for the career of their dreams. Accreditation is provided by agencies like the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) can accredit schools and colleges that offer quality career training. Students looking to enter the field can do so by gaining a public administration education at one of the available levels of study. By requesting more information students can find the college program that’s right for them and enroll today.


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