The healthcare industry is changing drastically in the days to come. New reforms have paved way for every legal American to acquire health insurance to the President Barack Obama’s healthcare form bill. The bulk of the reform is expected to be completed by the year 2014, but certain changes are already in motion. One important aspect of the reform bill is the idea of focusing more on preventative care. The idea behind preventative care is that in the long run, it is more cost efficient for both the insurance provider and the insured. Great new medial products have on the market today to aid in preventative care. One great new product is a finger pulse oximeter.

A pulse oximeter, also know as a pulse ox, is a medical device which is used to take measurements of blood oxygen saturation levels and pulse rates on the spot. A pulse oximeter is widely used for the monitoring of various cardiac and respiratory health related conditions. The great part of a finger pulse oximeter is its small, portable size, and great accuracy. Due to its size and it running on standard batteries, one can easily carry it in their pocket or around their neck via a lanyard. The benefits of a finger pulse oximeter is that is greatly reduces visits to the clinic for daily or weekly blood oxygen saturation readings. When this reduction is applied to the masses, the savings and efficiency truly pay off the cost of a pulse oximeter.

A recent study of medical professionals and patients has revealed that is the leader in pulse oximetry. Their products have been around for over 10 years, and have a proven record. offers a wide range of oximeters all starting from under $ 40 with free shipping along with a carrying pouch, batteries, and a lanyard.

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