Quality assurance is a crucial part of production in today’s times. Every organization should sustain particular industry quality standards on the services and goods they produce. Quality assurance is a process that really determines or verifies whether the level of quality of the services or goods is preserved according to industry standards as well as client satisfaction or not. Quality assurance is basically a process driven approach by which the organization will certainly achieve its standard objectives. Design, development, production as well as service all are involved in this process. 
Quality assurance is given by way of a process referred to as Shewhart Cycle. It was first developed by Dr. Edwards Deming and includes 4 steps which include plan, do, check and also act. So, a quality assurance manager comes up with rules and regulations for conforming into the quality standards on the market. He also manages the enactment of these rules. He completes the steps involved in the PDCA cycle to make sure level of quality of the goods and services. 
Quality assurance testing is a significant part of information management. Quality assurance lead tests the quality of the product or service before it reaches the end user. The quality assurance lead works on data technique and also completes acquisition of data and baseline the data that should be tested. He keeps records in the test cases and produces test environment. Validation of test scripts is carried out by them. Validation of data is made by quality assurance manager simply by doing reconciliation tests by hand. 
Doing regression tests in order to ensure the new software works without having issues fall under the task responsibilities of quality assurance manager. Any sort of data cannot be loaded unless of course the quality assurance testing manager performs whole testing. After testing the data is loaded on the ‘load window’. Security testing is carried out by quality assurance manager. Several testing is performed by a quality assurance manager to examine various aspects of the product. Warehouse manager process, infrastructure and operations components and also load manager process are all tested by quality assurance manager. 
These are not all simply because end user acceptance testing is likewise implemented to make sure that the business intelligence reports work as expected. Evaluating and then finally finding faults on the goods falls under the obligation of quality assurance manager. If there are issues, then having corrective solution is his duty. Having preventive steps to be able to prevent those flaws will be his responsibility. Production is a continuous process and hence working defect management and reporting the results are important for quality assurance manager. 


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