Being a postman is a quite challenging job. A postman, or mailman, is a common government employee whose duty it is to deliver letters, post cards and parcels at respective addresses in a timely manner. In this challenging job, they need to maintain their uniforms. Moving door to door obviously makes them tired and also makes their uniform filthy.

In this case, they require more than one uniform to maintain their personality and hygiene.
Now, if you are a postman, the question may arise in your mind concerning what qualities you need to look for before buying uniforms? Here are some important points to help you out.

Qualities You Need to Look for:

A postal uniform is a special uniform that is usually unavailable in many stores. It includes hats, pants, shorts, skirts, postal footwear, postal gloves, postal socks and ties. American postal uniforms are of blue color.


A postman is allowed to wear walking shorts with an invisible flex waist band which expands up to 2″ in the waist when needed. For a postwoman, skirts have side pockets and back pockets to carry letters and postcards. Skirts have no stripe and have button and zipper closures on the sides that make their walk easier . Durable and shiny skirts and pants are those which are made of 100% polyester.

Postal Footwear

A postman should give special care to his feet because most of the places he needs to cover are by foot. There are different brands of shoes and overshoes available at an affordable rate. The postman needs to look for comfortable shoes.

Lightweight, flexible, soft full grain leather with a pillow top tongue and collar are some of the special features that can make a postman’s daily journey easy. During rain, overshoes are considered ideal. They keep postmen’s feet dry on a wet day. Quick release buckles/straps which are postal approved are two key features you need to look for before buying a pair of overshoes.

Postal Gloves

Postal gloves are usually black. Advanced quality postal gloves offer exceptional comfort and breathability. They are highly durable and offer excellent grip and dexterity. They have a thin foam coating which makes the gloves breathable and maximizes comfort for extended periods of time. It’s better to select pairs which have a nitrile foam coating which provides a sure grip in dry and slightly wet or oily environments. Easy machine washable pairs are also a good choice for postmen.

Postal Socks

Both crew and ankle length socks are available for postmen. Generally, white with blue stripes and black shocks are recommended for postmen uniforms. It’s quite easy to find cotton socks with cushion soles and heels for comfort.


In buy postal uniform, hats play an important role. A postman’s hat should be lightweight, packable and made of breathable nylon for maximum cooling. Adjustable hatband and proper protection from sun rays need to be checked. Generally, sun visors are considered ideal for them.


Ideally, the light blue color shirt with a tag is recommended for postmen. It’s quite easy to find a shirt featuring two front pockets with a convenient pencil pocket and embroidered USPS logo from an specialized postal uniforms store. These shirts are a good mixture of polyester and cotton fabrics to make the shirts shiny.


To make the uniform complete, it requires a tie. Generally, you will find a letter carrier tie with a textured navy background and red and white pin dots.

From a specialized postal uniform store, you can easily get a complete postman’s uniform. If your town has no postal uniform store, you can get help from the internet. You will find numbers of stores offering high quality postal uniforms.

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