In the modern day there are a number of different terms used for accommodation specifically designed for retirees, including retirement villages, residential care homes, senior care homes, warden secure accommodation and care homes with nursing facilities. Regardless of the terminology used, they all represent the same purpose, and that is to offer secure community based housing for retirees. Yet on inspection it becomes plainly clear that some retirement resorts offer distinctly more support, more services and more amenities than others.

I was extremely pleased to recently be offered a chance to review the Quantum 50+Community Resort in El Saltador, Spain, for just 99. Included in this price was a 3-day visit which comprised accommodation, airport transfers and lunch.

It became obvious from the outset that the resort owners were proud of the Quantum community and unafraid to allow a full investigation over a reasonable period of time – as opposed to a quick visit where cracks can easily be glossed over.

Located in Huercal Overa, the Quantum 50+ resort is only 3-kilometres from the centre of town which boasts a comprehensive range of facilities, including respectable bars, English and Spanish restaurants, supermarkets, indoor swimming pools, delicatessens, a local growers market and an abundance of convenient shops and services.

The area surrounding the resort is serene and tranquil, blessed with pretty orange groves and a grand view of the beautiful El Saltador hills. Situated just 15 minutes from the sandy beaches of San Juan and boasting an impressive average year round temperature of 21c, Quantum 50+ offers a dream retirement environment.

What struck me immediately about Quantum 50+ was the high level of community spirit and participation in a broad range of activities. These include gardening – both greenhouse and allotment – Spanish cookery classes, Spanish language classes, petanca, computer learning based activities, quiz nights and even a volunteers club.

It is obvious that Quantum 50+ isn’t just about living it is about participating in life. A prime example of this is the green volunteering club, whose aim is to grow trees for local reforestation programs. Many residents go on to set up their own clubs within the community or become coordinators of existing activities.

Bilingual concierges are employed to take care of all day-to-day tasks, prescription collections, administrative support, doctor translations and home watch checks. You can even arrange for a concierge to go shopping with you into town.

Quantum 50+ has built a community atmosphere where residents can choose their level of involvement and be as active or relaxed as they want. It is this flexibility and scope for personal development which makes Quantum a highly appealing choice of retirement resort.

One aspect of retiring to a foreign land people fear is culture difference and not being able to speak the native language. Yet it is very apparent when speaking with Quantum residents that there is an affectionate harmony between the local community and retired expats.

My 3-days were spent blissfully walking the country roads, shopping in town and relaxing in and around the Quantum 50+ resort. The resort left a lasting impression of friendliness, comfort, happiness and relaxation. I can say from experience that the resort does exactly what the brochure says; it provides quality of life for those making an investment in their future.

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