Anyone who is considering about making a decision should need to understand the quotes about moving on. Various online quotes are available where people can spend some time in reading those quotes and majority of the times, these quotes have been one of the reasons for taking smart decisions. The following are some of the quotes about moving on and they are:


1) “Do not cry/ worry thinking about the past and smile for something that is happening”. This is quote is by an unknown author but the meaning of this quote is simply amazing. Time is one that doesn’t wait for us and we act accordingly based on time. In life, various fun and sorrows will happen for us but you should accept the fact that what is happened cannot be changed. So, do not think and worry about the past that already happened because it is of no use. Always feel happy and smile for the happening moment.



2) “It is very easy to let it go but difficult to hold it. Strength is calculated not by holding but when it goes”. This is another very good quote about moving on that is written by Len Santos. This quote says about the people’s strength on all aspect. As from the quote, it is very difficult to hold it for a long run but it is very easy to let it go. This will suit best on all aspects like relationship, job etc. People’s strength is calculated based on this.



3) “Life moves on and you have the responsibility to take care of your life. You can’t blame anybody for your life”. This quote explains about the responsibility of a person in his life. Success of people’s life is in their own hands and no one can take up the responsibility for success or failure.

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