What inspired people to begin to write quotes and poems? For the same reason one person writes stories, others write poems or quotes. Some people have the need to get their feelings and thoughts on paper. And then there are those who just enjoy reading poems and quotes. The creativity levels are not the same in everyone, but appreciation is usually taught from childhood.


When we are small poems are mostly nursery rhymes but as we get older, the poems can become more sophisticated. Young girls dreaming of love will read love poems and young men who are trying very hard to impress the young girls will send poems that they hope will sway them.


Do you remember the first poem you ever got from the opposite sex? It may have been of the “roses are red” variety, but it was meant to impress you just the same. As you got older, you may have had someone really want to make an impression and the poems may have been the “How do I love thee” variety. Depending on the person, it may have made the impression they hoped.


Quotes and poems have been around for a very long time. Did you know the oldest surviving poem, Epic of Gilgamesh, is from the 4th millennium BC and was written on clay tablets? The oldest love poem known to exist today is known as Istanbul #2461 and was also written on clay tablets. This poem is from 2037 BC or before.


This goes to show you we may write poems and we may write quotes, but this is nothing new.

Of course, for the most part the ones we write today are totally different than anything that was written many years ago. Today, poems are mainly love poems, inspirational, funny, in memory of someone or about something that has touched us deeply.


Quotes are from famous people or just something someone said that stuck in our mind. There are funny quotes and serious quotes. The reason a poem or a quote is written down and preserved is because someone liked it or you wrote it and wanted to remember it. Poems are often written from deep feelings or by someone who finds many aspects of life humorous.


However you may feel about quotes and poetry, they do serve their purpose. They make us cry, they make us smile, they make us feel. Emotions have always been an important aspect of being human.


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