Modern business entities with advanced quoting software now believe in on the spot service even when travelling or commuting.  This is possible today with the help of mobile interfaces that are used for sending quotations to open sales. Online businesses provide with integrated solutions with the shopping cart available with many features that help maximize profits both for the business holders and their clients. Similarly modern quoting software for accurate quote management minimizes and can even mitigate the need to go for manual processes that require a huge sum to invest for paperwork, price lists and document preparation. Quoting software in today’s business world empowers the sale representative’s ability to handle a project with ease by means of the quoting software that produces a consistent proposal with accurate information and sales estimation.

When compared to the conventional approach, businesses selling their products used to manually create quotes involving support staff with the possibility of inaccuracy in quoting prices, errors in order processing, lack of information, more disapprovals, re-work and cancellation of orders. They used to painstakingly create specific quotes of products and services and distribute a lot of paperwork of individual product data and price brochures to distributors, visitors and representatives. Even today we find this in a physical store, with extra expenditure on stationary, manpower and expenditure on other medium of distribution and promotion. There is a constant need to make it more cost effective and efficient and above all impressive for the customer and easy to comprehend.

You can compress the sales cycle to a less cumbersome system that generates quotes at the touch of a button with the latest mobile technology with quote software that sets you for the deal even when mobile.

Whether you utilize browser-based application on any device with any browser, or a more home-based application on platforms like the iPad, you’ll have the total practicality of arranging and delivering a fine looking, complete quote or proposal – and hand your iPad over to the client on the spot for electronic signature or payment. Mobile quoting software is useful for private conferences, workplace visits, display exhibits, or just on the go.

Mobile Quoting Software Features

Modern, innovative and interactive business believes in putting into use the power and capability with mobile applications on platforms for any browser-based mobile devices for their selling needs. Online businesses produce both quotes and full proposals.

Underlying features are as follows:-

Use of fully compatible mobile platforms using all popular browsers.
Indigenous application support for all latest iPad brands, Android systems and Windows 8 tablets.
On time reporting, e-mail notification, alerts for all latest mobile platforms in every brand of mobile you choose and also for iPad applications.
Quotes with similar information can be created into a template for mobile based interface and used later on thus saving time and effort.
Complete Etilize™ and product catalog integration for full access.
CRM integrated technology for your mobile application

Productivity in Quotes is justified by the use of easy approachable product information and a functionality of the software with skill based resources. A mobile system and a quoting software for the interface reduce the time spent and increases accessibility irrespective of your current location.

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