Hi all, it is proved scientifically that reading good and affirmative thought improves our productivity and we fell more positive and happy. Reading good and positive thought affects our brain, our nervous system and our whole surroundings in a positive manner. Here I am giving you a collection of few good quotes with a little description of each quote. Hope you enjoy them all.

Quote “The greatest achievement is to outperform yourself.”- Denis Waitley

Description- our best challenge is to do better than our abilities. The greatest achievement is to compete with yourself and beat you and become better than before. We should increase the domain of our thinking and work harder to perform better than we think we are capable of. Our capabilities and abilities are much more than we think of, just we have to increase our thinking level and believe in our self that we can achieve much better than we are at present.

Quote “Problems are only opportunities in work clothes.”

Henry J. Kaiser

DISCRIPTION- the quote states that problems are the opportunities which comes to our life to makes us stronger and a better person. We can only overcome any problem by working on the solution. If we keep on thinking about the problem it will never be solved and it will create more problems. If we work and overcome the problem our self-confidence increases and we feel more energetic and self-determined.

Quote – “The walls we build around us to keep sadness out also keeps out the joy.”

Jim Rohn

DISCRIPTION- Many times we set some boundaries for our self just to stay away from sadness and unhappiness. We feel and think that if we keep our self in a limited domain we will feel happy. But the real fact is happiness increase when we increases our domain of thinking go beyond to take more risks in life and work. Happiness doesn’t comes by keeping our self and our thinking limited to a particular domain but it increases by facing challenges, overcoming obstacles and thinking positive in every aspect of life.

Quote – “focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” – Greg Anderson

DISCRIPTION- We all want to become something wants to achieve something and have some goals/aims in our life. We always feel that whenever we achieve our goals then we will be happy, but the real happiness is in the process through which we achieve that thing. Happiness is in the journey of success not the destination. During the journey of success an individual have to overcome obstacle, challenges and many problems. Overcoming al the obstacles makes him more self-confident and therefore he feels happier.


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