The health care industry is a great career choice at present. If you want to be a health care professional, you can choose between becoming a registered nurse (RN), and a licensed vocational nurse (LVN). Nursing is one of the current hotspots of today’s generation because of the high number of jobs available. So, between RN and LVN, which one should you choose? The choice comes down to you, as what you feel is the better option for you. Here is an overview of a few notable differences between the two, which will help you to make your decision.

The length of time taken to become a RN is four years, but you can become a LVN in just one year. If you feel that you can afford to spend four years taking up a RN program, then becoming a RN is the better option for you. But, if you are looking to get in to your professional life as quickly as possible, then you should choose LVN. The route taken by some people today is to complete the LVN and start working, while at the same time studying for RN.

You will need to spend more money to becoming a RN than a LVN, as the length of time to study is greater. In the ongoing recession, the better option is to go for LVN and then pursue RN. But, if you can spare the time and the money to become a RN, then the option is ideal for you, as the career of RN will be more rewarding.

The courses of both programs are relatively similar, covering all the skills you need to become a nurse. The same subjects are taught, as the job requirements of both RNs and LVNs are similar. Both programs will also require the same kind of training in real-life situations. However, to become a RN, you would also need to take up administration courses to be equipped for the field.

LVNs are required to serve the direct medical needs of the patients such as cleaning wounds, stitching, and etc. Moreover, they have to be under the supervision of a RN, who also take care of the patients, but have a more administrative and monitoring role. It can be said that a RN has the power to make decisions.

By going through all the differences mentioned above, you will be able to come to your decision.

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