If you are working towards getting your qualifications in the field of Nursing, then you may want to consider working towards getting a Registered Nurse (RN) certification. This certification will definitely increase your chances of improving your career and for helping you to get a good salary.

Registered Nurses are often general duty nurses who focus on providing the overall care for their patients. They usually administer medicines under the supervision of doctors. They also keep records of the medicines administered, the symptoms of the patient and of the progress made by the patient. Registered Nurses are also involved in promoting good health and preventing illness. Apart from treating patients, they are involved in educating the public about the different illnesses and how to prevent these illnesses. They also help rehabilitate patients, and provide advice and emotional support to the family members of the patient.

Depending on numerous factors, RNs can also specialize across a number of areas within their occupation. Registered Nurses can specialize in a a particular type of work setting treatment (like psychiatric nurses who work in psychiatric hospitals, and intensive care nurses who work in intensive care units). Registered Nurses can also specialize in the care and treatment of a specific disease (like cancer care nurses specialize in the care of cancer patients). As a Registered Nurse, you can also specialize in the care of a particular body part or system (like respiratory nurses care for asthma patients). You can also specialize in the care of a particular group of patients (like school nurses care for children and adolescents in schools).

Registered Nurses can also combine their specialization subjects (for example, nurses who care for the elderly patients who suffer from cardiac disease, or nurses who care for children who suffer from cancer).

In order to work as a Registered Nurse, you will have to start with a 2 year Associates Degree in Nursing, or go for a three year Diploma course. You can also make a right start in the field of nursing by getting a Bachelors Degree in Nursing which usually takes about 4 – 5 years to complete. After qualifying from these exams, you will have to appear for a national certification exam which is administered by each state. This will give you a Registered Nurse certification.

Your salary range as a Registered Nurse will largely depend upon your education, your experience and your area of specialization. Typically, the average annual salary for a Registered Nurse is approximately $ 52,000. However, this can increase depending on the above mentioned factors.

Thus as a Registered Nurse, you can open up many vistas for your career, while earning a high salary range.

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