To start a restaurant, one needs to come up with a business plan to outline an efficient and cost effective way to run the restaurant which in turn can impress the loan officer as well.

The business plan template for a restaurant consists of several key headings which include Executive summary, marketing, historic analysis, organizational structure, restaurant operations, risk management and financial plan.

The template begins from the executive summary which consists of business goals, their description and formation along with their identity and philosophies. It also consists of the character, location, main objectives, directors and the management team of the restaurant. The key positioning of the restaurant along with the strategic alliances and sales summary are also under the executive summary.

The marketing portion consists of sales estimates, analysis current product mix, market analysis along with marketing goals and strategies. The pricing policies and competitive research are also to be including in the marketing section while being presented to the concerning authority. The advertisements and promotions schemes should be detailed in the plan itself.

The organizational structure should consist of management and personnel along with administrative organization and a contingency plan. The restaurant operations should also be mentioned quite clearly which include its identity, location, premises and layout.

The plan should also include a risk management section which lays out the exit strategy and risk reduction plans which might come in handy in case of bad times.

Also the financial plan should include the investment budget along with statistical data and financial projections.


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