An ordinary scenario in offices with vacant positions is to receive piles of resumes every day. Your resume can easily get lost in these piles if you do not grab the attention of the hiring officer the first time with your resume objective statement. The competition for attention and skills is tougher nowadays, and even though you think your resume and every bit of it is perfect, there is still no certainty that you will land the job in the company you send your resume to.

The new century has also set new guidelines in resume writing for people who wish to get a job first time, or those who want to hop from one job to the next. The traditional, generic-sounding style in composing resume objectives has been relegated by a more industry-responsive style called personal branding, which highlights someone’s competitiveness, skills and sense of direction for a specific job. This style has been around for several years, and many experts suggest people to use it because of its delineated simplicity yet impact-laden approach to promoting one’s capabilities and goals.

What Is Resume Objective Statement Branding?

Personal branding in writing a resume objective is similar to the advertising and marketing approach of branding the image of a product or service. In this approach, the goal is to make the qualities of a person stand out and make those as his or her brand that will make a lasting or attention-grabbing image of him or her to the hiring manager. A personal-branded objective is customized and well-crafted to make certain skills be more prominent than others, and it also sets one’s resume be noticed due to its unique way of setting the perspective of a hiring manager toward a certain applicant.

Why Write a Branding Resume Objective Statement?

A simple, one-sentence resume objective is okay, but it mostly does not make the cut in the eyes of hiring managers.

Too general and used objectives give the idea of an applicant who lacks innovativeness and competitiveness. Of course, someone who tries to impress and be different will get noticed—the first thing you need to pass through the next part of the application process. Hence, writing a personal brand of yourself makes the top portion of your resume look different, which will make the reader’s eyes stay longer on your paper than usual.

What Does a Branded Resume Objective Statement Look Like?

The differences between a traditional and a branded objective statement are obvious: the former sounds general and unflavored, while the latter sounds more interesting and thought-out; and the former is one straight sentence, while the latter is divided into two, which are the headline and value proposition.

A traditional objective statement will be easily glanced over by employers. One example is: To obtain a challenging position in a company where I can utilize my diversified accounting and computing skills. There is no problem with the people having this kind of employment objective, but it will probably work for small companies that do not have the sufficiency to hire qualified or overqualified applicants. Obviously, for big and progressive companies, this kind of technique will simply not sell.

On the contrary, a modern way of saying one’s intent to work for a company with the goal of being noticed will have a headline that looks like this: Accomplished Advertising Consultant with Proven Expertise in Product Branding, Monitoring and Marketing. Additionally, that kind of interesting introduction will be supported with a detailed value proposition: More than ten years of success in making various products be known, sell, and have a stable consumer base in Asia, Europe and America.

A branded resume objective statement still gives someone’s skills and goals, but it takes a step forward in being more specific so that prospective employers will immediately see what an applicant was able to do in the past, and this will get their confidence that the same applicant will be able to deliver the same quality of results for their company. Of course, once a sound personal brand is in your resume, make sure that the employment history and experiences will bolster the good image that the opening statement has established.

You can create a branded resume objective statement that gets interviews. Taking some time to get this right will mean less time job hunting and everyone loves that!  By Morgan Venus

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