June 14th of each year is National Nursing Assistants Day, a day set aside to honor the contributions and accomplishments nursing assistants have made to their employers and throughout their careers. Under the direction of an RN or LPN, nursing assistants provide important services in healthcare industry including helping to feed and bathe patients, monitor vital signs, set up equipment and assist with procedures. The field of nursing and nursing assistants is a hot spot for employment and almost every year shortages in nursing staff and assistants are predicted. If you are looking into becoming a nursing assistant, having a professional resume will help you stand apart from the other candidates.

Just because nursing assistants are in demand in hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices around the country doesn’t mean that any candidate will succeed in getting the job. Well-prepared candidates that exhibit a caring demeanor and can show a dependable work record on a resume are the most likely to get hired. According to experts at the American Nurses Credentialing Center, a resume helps a potential or established nursing assistant highlight her work experience, show that she has good communications skills and outline her career objectives.

Show Stability: According to many recruiters, actual experience in the health care industry isn’t always a prerequisite for a nursing-assistant job. Instead, a good attitude and caring personality combined with proven dependability are often enough to help you land the job. On your resume, list a stable work history and references who confirm that you show up to work on time and get the job done. Recruiters are always looking for candidates who stand out as hard-workers and would excel in the nursing field.

Show Compassion: Because much of a nursing assistants job revolves around caring for patients, your resume should highlight areas where you have contributed your time for others. These activities don’t have to be paid jobs but can be volunteer work that you have done in the community such as serving as a candy striper, delivering meals to elderly shut-ins, reading to the blind and many other compassionate endeavors.

Show Specifics: Your nursing assistant resume should also show the specifics about how you are qualified for the job. Detail your work experience and elaborate on the jobs that have been health-care related. For example, if you working in a nursing home, list the specific details about your responsibilities so that a potential employer can better understand your skill set. List the medical conditions, procedures and equipment you were charged with taking care of on your resume, using commonly used industry keywords.

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