Professional resumes are extremely valuable. In fact, out of hundreds of resumes that a prospective employer receives, there are probably only a few of the resumes sort listed and get an interview call. Therefore, many job seekers are choosing professional resume writing services. A professional resume service specializes in creating resumes and cover letters. However, professional writing services may not be in the budget. Whether hiring a professional resume service or writing the resume yourself, there are a few things that you should know about what your resume should include, and how it should be designed.

A resume must be written to generate results. There are rules that must be followed in order to get you heard through the grapevine. A resume is a marketing communication that needs to be appropriate to your situation and conveys the exact message that you intend.

Reasons to have a resume:

An excellent resume will pass the employer’s screening process. The resume should include your educational level, your years of experience, basic facts, which are to your favor, and contact information.

An excellent resume will establish you as a professional person. Employers look for candidates that have high standards and excellent writing skills. When a resume is written well, it will stand out from other candidates resumes. A resume is a communication and sample of your skills.

An excellent resume will provide the proper information that will get you noticed. Most employers spend a few minutes scanning a resume and their decision is made without fully reading the resume. It is essential that, in this few minutes, you grab the employer attention.

An excellent resume will clarify your direction, strengths, qualifications, confidence, experience, expertise, training and your commitment to the job or career.

The number one purpose of a resume is to gain an interview. It is the greatest tool that an applicant has. An effective resume is informative and somewhat of an advertisement. You are selling yourself, your abilities, your education, your skills and experience.

If a professional resume service is out of the budget, then before you begin writing your resume you should review free resume samples. These resumes should be resumes that fit your type of employment or career. There are many templates on the Internet that are free to use and designed like a professional resume. Remember that content is essential. Carefully choose your template and do not copy it.

When writing your resume you will want to highlight your achievements and strengths, your education, your skills and experience.

What an excellent resume will do is grab the attention of the hiring manager which is often lost within the first few minutes. Make certain that your resume is appropriate for your career phase and level of expertise. You must be confident with the finished product. It is a communication of who you are and what you have to offer. It is also the power that you have to get the call for the interview. Without a high-quality resume, you will not get your foot in the door.

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