Modern household appliances like washing machines, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers and so on are indispensible. No one has the time to wash clothes, dishes, or clean the home using old fashioned means of manual labor. It is far more comfortable as well as time and energy saving to use modern machines that have made our job so much easier. Vacuum cleaners have especially made the mammoth work of keeping our homes cleaner by removing every particle of dust and germs from the home environment and making this look almost like child’s play. A number of domestic appliance brands manufacture state-of-the-art vacuum cleaner machines among which the name of the German brand Miele stands out the most due to their powerful machines that are equipped with an exclusive HEPA certified exhaust as well as forceful suction power.

The Miele Callisto is the latest offering from this world-renowned Germen manufacturer that started business back in 1899. Like every other vacuum from this brand, the Miele Callisto also has a powerful suction or airflow system, which is adjustable according to the needs of the user. A HEPA certified exhaust system fitted into the Miele Callisto is one of the most exclusive and forceful systems found in any vacuum machine today. This HEPA approved air filter shows a perfect “0” particle reading making it the perfect vacuum machine for anyone prone to allergies. A “0” reading is what every person who suffers from frequent bouts of allergy should be looking for in their vacuum cleaner and this is exactly what the Miele Callisto offers. This feature alone makes up for the expensive price tag of the new model.

Weighing around 13.5 pounds, this machine cannot really be dubbed a lightweight machine, but it is not heavy either; rather it is possible to carry it to different parts of the house quite easily.

The powerful suction of this machine not only gets rid of dust particles from the house but is also capable of sucking in gnats and other such small bugs within the house. A crevice tool, upholstery brush, and a dust brush are some of the accessories available with the new Miele Callisto. When it comes to floor cleaning there is a hardwood floor cleaning option as well as another tool that works wonders on carpeted flooring or over rugs. The Miele Callisto also keeps the noise level down proving soothing for your ears. With so many features it is definitely a great addition to your home.

Alexia Morton is a freelance writer who writes on all different subjects. In this piece of write up the author tries to highlight some of the high-end and convenient home appliance that would make our daily household work simpler and easier to manage. You can find information on all the Miele, spares parts and accessories available in the market. Witbeckvacuums is one such online store where lots of models available such as: Miele Vacuum Cleaner, Miele Callisto, Miele Galaxy.

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