Many insurance carriers have started selling some form of roadside assistance package with their policies. Some of these are included at no extra cost while some may cost extra. Either way, it is always a good idea to purchase some form of roadside assistance. While most people know how great this coverage can be for older cars, few people recognize the potential for a new car to have problems, because they fail to account for operator error.

Most roadside assistance plans allow for more than just towing. Many will include lockout services, battery services, minor roadside repairs such as changing a tire, and even emergency fluids like water and gas. Each program has its own restrictions regarding what vehicles they will service and what services they will provide, so be sure to ask an agent or broker about that before buying.

No matter how well someone plans, problems can happen when least expected. A blown out tire or dead battery can happen at any time to anyone. Then there are always human errors, such as running out of gas or locking the keys in the car. By taking precautions and starting a roadside assistance plan, drivers can save themselves time, money and a headache. Most programs have multiple tow companies that they contract with who can get there fast, and are reputable.

One of the best things about roadside assistance is the guarantee that someone will be there to help, no matter the time or place. There are few things worse than the feeling someone gets when they have just run out of gas miles away from anything or anyone. Knowing that there is someone who can help with a simple phone call can make a very big difference when stranded. It can bring a sense of calm knowing someone is on their way to help.

In the end, there are many things that a driver can do to prepare for the road ahead. They can carry water, spare tires and flares. They can keep an extra cell phone battery and a car charger, blankets and packaged food; but one of the best things a driver can do to protect themselves is purchase a roadside assistance plan. Most plans can be purchased for a full year for about $ 150. With all of the services that these plans come with it can be a fantastic deal that saves money in the end.

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