According to the statement of Rush Limbaugh’s radio program, this Conservative talk show host was taken to a Honolulu hospital because of chest pains and resting there comfortably.


Honolulu television station KITV on Wednesday reported that Limbaugh was taken from the Kahala Hotel and Resort to The Queens Medical Center in serious condition.


His fans only receive his appreciation for their praying, best wishes, and promise to keep the listeners updated on his radio program and Even Kit Carson, Limbaugh’s chief of staff had little further information on the conditions of this radio talk show host and the possibility of changing Limbaugh’s return to his show on January 4. There are over 14 million people who listen to Limbaugh’s three-hour weekday show at least once a week on about 600 radio stations nationwide.


According to Honolulu television station KITV, he was playing golf at Waialae Country Club.


Rush Limbaugh was born in a family with a long history in Republican politics. He worked for a local radio station at the age of 16 and worked as a radio disc jockey in the early 1970s. His fame grew beyond radio and into other media such as publishing and television.


Limbaugh was selected to be the person who had most influential conservative voice in America by a poll last month.

He started having a big voice to conservative listeners in the 1980s for his ironic putdowns of liberal policies and over self-confidence. He also became one of radio broadcasters with high ratings in the U.S. He was not be able to hear due to an autoimmune in 2001 so that he had to suffer from a surgery to put a piece of electronic equipment into his skull to take back his hearing. In 2003, he admitted that he depended too much on pain medicine and gave key reason for suffering from harsh severe back pain. This addiction took him five weeks off from his radio show to enter rehab.



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