The subject of child safety is at the forefront of all parents’ minds. The home should be a safe environment for your little one to play, learn and grow in. Newly mobile babies or toddlers are capable of finding the areas at fault in your home before you do. In order to see things from their point of view it may require a bit of imagination. 
A slightly odd but highly effective way of spotting the danger zones in your home is by crawling around on the floor and looking for faults at eye-level with the baby. By doing this, you will see all of the plug sockets that are just the right size to fit a tiny finger in, or the electrical wires that have been previously tucked away.
Go around your home room by room and look for all the dangers; you are not over-reacting by thinking in this way. A large percentage of the children who are admitted to accident and emergency departments every day are there because of accidents in the home. 
You will need plastic plug socket protectors in every room of your house. Other electrical objects will either need to be safeguarded or protected for the toddler, if you have a computer it can be protected by purchasing a desk or unit with doors. Cupboard locks can then be fitted to stop little hands pressing all of the buttons or hammering away on the keyboard, altering the settings of your pc. 
Home telephones are another household object that can be abused by little ones, rarely are they going to be dangerous to the child but for some reason babies and toddlers love telephones. They love mimicking their parents and will choose to play with the home phone over any other toy. A simple solution is to invest in a cordless model and place it high up on a shelf. This will also prevent a child from finding the dangerous wire that could accidently end up around its neck.
Wires from televisions and other associated entertainment systems can be kept safe in a corrugated plastic tube; this will keep the wires safe and tidy. Even better, you can get a wall mounted television set with the wires hidden in the wall cavity. This also protects the television from the toddler. 
Curtains and blinds are a big danger, all curtain tiebacks should be removed as children can very easily get caught in them. The strings attached to blinds are also lethal; a small plastic device can be purchased so that these strings can retract inside, keeping them out of the baby or toddler’s reach. 
Kitchen cupboards can all be fitted with child locks; fridges, ovens and toilets can all be locked too. It goes without saying that all bleaches and cleaning products should be locked away. A guard can be purchased to fit onto the hob to prevent toddlers from pulling hot pans onto themselves. Oven doors can be fitted with heat shields and glass cabinets or interior doors can be covered with a protective film. Doors within your home can also be fitted with wedges at the top to stop little ones from jamming or slamming fingers.
Stair gates should be fitted as soon as your baby begins rolling; there are so many variations available in all shapes and sizes to fit any staircase or doorway. 
Finally a great device to invest in is a digital baby monitor; this enables us to have eyes in the backs of our heads. We can keep an eye on our baby or toddler when they are napping to make sure baby is lying in the recommended position. Toddlers can be prone to escaping from their beds and getting up to all sorts of tricks before their unsuspecting parents even knows he or she is awake. There are video monitors that combat this and also enable you to leave baby playing while you are making the tea, for example. 
When your home is fitted with all of the relevant equipment for optimum safety and ease you will be free to enjoy all of the amusing tricks your little one has up their sleeve for you when he or she becomes mobile. 



If you are in the process of childproofing your home all of the items discussed above can be found online. For the safety and wellbeing of your child it may be necessary to invest in items such as the BT digital baby monitor and for your own sanity swopping your home phone to a portable one that can be moved out of the reach of small hands. Buy telephones online, as well as bulkier items such as safety gates.

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