The salary range for engineers depends on their specialty. They are considered the best paid professionals. The minimum qualification required for being an Engineer is a Bachelors degree in Engineering from accredited college. There are different branches of engineering such as civil engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering, electronic engineering and chemical engineering.
The average salary that an engineer could expect with minimum qualification is about 47,960 USD. The highest paid engineers are the petroleum engineer. The engineers with advanced degrees would receive excellent salary packages. The employment prospects of an engineer are very high.
An engineer earns an excellent salary package than the individuals who have taken up other courses. The salary of an engineer depends on the branch of engineering and their level of education (attained a Bachelors Degree or Masters Degree).
You can browse the internet and research about the average salary received by an Engineer. There are websites which offer you services such as salary calculator which informs you about the salary by filling up some information about your skills, position and educational qualifications. This information is very useful for the individuals while proposing a salary range or negotiating about salary.
There are many different types of engineers. Here we provide you a brief explanation about these engineers and their average salaries:
Civil engineer: A civil engineers job description is to plan and supervise the construction of the infrastructure that is built. This branch of engineering also offers specialization in environmental, structural and construction. The average median annual salary of a civil engineer is about 76,590USD.
Electrical Engineer: An electrical engineer is responsible for developing, testing and designing of electrical equipments. The average median annual salary of an electrical engineer is about 83,000USD. The salary range is about 45,000USD to 105,000 or even more.
Chemical Engineer: A Chemical engineer is responsible for developing different products and specialty chemicals. The annual average median salary of a chemical engineer is about 78,860 USD.
Computer Engineer: There are two different categories of computer engineers. They are Hardware computer engineer and Computer software engineer. The average median annual salary of a computer hardware engineer is 98,820USD. The salary ranges of hardware and software engineer are 57,476 UDS to 93,956 USD.
Mechanical Engineer: Mechanical engineers work with different varieties of machines and also sometimes work as a part of team to develop new theories and techniques in the field of engineering. The average salary of a mechanical engineer is about 60,000 USD.
Electronic Engineer: An electrical engineer develops or improves the computer, its navigation and other electronic systems. The alternate job titles which are present in this field include Electronic Test Engineer and Electronics Design Engineer. A state license is also required for the getting a job as an electronic engineer. The salary range of electronic engineer is about 54,968 to 87,840 USD.
This information will be very helpful for all the individuals who have an engineering degree. It also informs you about the job description and the average salary that an engineer from a particular branch would get.

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