Psychologists are professionals who study the behavior of people. The different aspects in which a psychologist can work under include fields such as teaching, research, social service, in schools, in clinics, with government agencies and also in private practice. Lets have a look at the different career options available for psychologists and the salary range for such an interesting career.

Typically, as is the case with several career options, psychology offers several specialization options. You can choose to work as a clinical psychologist, or a developmental psychologist. You can work with government agencies as a social worker, as a teacher, or even as a forensic psychologist. You can also work as a community counselor. Psychologists can also find several employment opportunities in the media field as well – for example in advertising and marketing.

Different career options basically translate to different pay scales and earning potentials. Mostly your income as a psychologist will depend on your experience in your chosen field, and also your effectiveness as a psychologist. It will also make a difference where you work or who you work for – for example, the salary scale of a psychologist who works with the government will differ from the salary scale of the psychologists who works for himself or herself in an independent private practice.

Your salary scale can also differ based on the area where you work. For example, your fees may be higher in an area where the income scale is higher – thus resulting in a higher income for yourself. Comparatively, if you are working in an area where the general level of income is low, then your fees and consequently, your salary will also be less.

Typically, the median salary range for a psychologist is between around $ 50,000 a year to around $ 70,000 a year. The range can also be higher depending on your location, or if you have your own private practice.

Thus, if you opt for a career in the field of psychology, you can be sure of earning a good salary and being able to reach out to and helping people with a variety of mental and emotional problems. provides the opportunity to research and request free information top psychology majors and top psychology schools for potential students looking to start or expand their career in psychology.

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