Deciding on which school to enroll your children in can be difficult. As a loving, concerned parent, you want to ensure that your kids get the very best education they can possibly have. Although there’s an abundance of information available to help you make your choice, few things are as convincing as a fellow parent’s recommendation. Two San Jose elementary schools come with glowing reviews.

Milpitas Christian School

Parents find that their children fit in immediately at Milpitas Christian School. The teachers and staff at the school do their best to encourage a warm, family atmosphere, welcoming children with smiles and open arms. With the acceptance comes encouragement, and students develop a love for school and learning.

Two programs make the school stand out from other private schools in the area – the outdoor education program, in which students get to bond with each other and their teachers on prolonged school trips; and the technology education, which puts students far ahead of their age group when it comes to expertise in computer use. Combined with the already-strong general curriculum, Milpitas Christian makes good on its promise to prepare children for a bright, progressive future filled with success. On top of a strong foundation of Christian values, students will become responsible and involved members of the community.

Milpitas Christian School’s main campus is located at 3435 Birchwood Lane, San Jose, CA. Children aged from kindergarten to 8th grade are welcome to enroll. To schedule a tour of the school or to ask any questions, call 408-945-6530 or send a message via their contact form.

Premiere International Language Academy

As the world becomes increasingly connected with each passing day, it’s an advantage to enroll your children in an international school.

Parents in San Jose highly recommend the Premiere International Language Academy, both for its high educational standards and its immersive bi-lingual environment. Several classes are taught entirely in Mandarin, allowing students to quickly grasp one of the world’s major languages. Moms and dads soon find their children having casual conversations in both Mandarin and English.

Parents also appreciate the fact that the school adjusts to each student’s capabilities. Quick learners are allowed to take advanced classes in languages, math, science, and art; while kids who need catching up are given special attention. This hands-on, pace-adjusted approach to instruction has developed confident and passionate learners. After-school programs help children develop their natural talents along with their intellectual capabilities, and provide a welcoming social environment in which they can explore their interests with like-minded people.

You can find Premiere International Language Academy at  Rooms 23, 24 and 5, 4250 Latimer Avenue, San Jose, CA. The school is open to students from pre-kindergarten to 8th grade. For inquiries, clarifications, or reservations, you can call the school at 408-866-823 or contact the school’s mobile phone at 408-728-5441.

Karen Merring writes for Bay Area For Kids, the premier resources guide exclusively for parents living in the San Francisco Bay Area. To learn more about San Jose elementary schools, visit

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