Stop before you begin work on that new build property

Have you consulted a SAP Assessor first?

Theyll provide you with SAP Calculations for the property, helping you to conform to current building and planning regulations. Pick a professional SAP Assessor and theyll produce detailed SAP calculations, using their wealth of experience and knowledge in this subject area. With help from a trained SAP Assessor you can satisfy legal requirements and provide a projected EPC that adheres to current regulations. Its ideal to use a SAP Assessor at the planning stage of a new build project because they could save you money in the long run. If you havent thought about using renewable or energy saving devices in the property, speak to a SAP Assessor, theyll provide comparison calculations for alternative heating systems, or other insulating methods.

Building control bearing down you?

You know the best way to keep them off your back? Get your SAP calculations in nice and early. Show them youre committed to making your home as energy efficient as possible and use the services of a SAP Assessor as and when required. Want help with the planning? Is this going to be your home for life? The SAP Assessor will work with you at the design phase, helping your home to be as sustainable as possible. Using detailed calculations the SAP Assessor can highlight areas where you can save money and make your home more energy conscious in the future. As well as providing detailed SAP calculations for customers that want to satisfy building control, a professional SAP Assessor works on sustainable development for a wide range of properties.

Building a property for profit purposes?

Who can blame you? You probably know what youre doing with regards to the design of the dwelling, but youll still need those all important SAP calculations from the SAP Assessor. The SAP Assessor will provide you with detailed reports to satisfy current building regulations and will also supply you with an EPC upon completion of the project. An energy efficient property is more appealing to potential buyers. Show them the findings of the EPC as calculated by a trained SAP Assessor. Comply with current regulations and benefit from the skills and experience of a qualified SAP Assessor at the same time. can provide the best services as a SAP assessor , helping you to produce SAP calculations, with a wealth of knowledge in this area to give you the best service and help needed.

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