Need standard assessment procedure calculations for a new build property?

A trained SAP Assessor can provide you with the SAP Calculations for the project that you have in mind. Choose your SAP assessor wisely and they can provide you with structured advice for a competitive price.

Are you at the planning stage at the moment, ready to create your dream home? A consultation with the SAP Assessor will prove to be worthwhile because they can provide detailed SAP Calculations for your unique scheme.

With new building control regulations in place its more important than ever to have SAP Calculations that conform to all industry standards.

Armed with SAP Calculations you can provide a predicted EPC certificate for the benefit of building control requirements.

Bought a derelict barn?

Its ripe for conversion isnt it? Itll make a grand residence one the builders have knocked it into shape but first things first; SAP Calculations need to be completed.

Have you thought about using renewable energy sources in the dwelling? Any idea how energy efficient the barn conversion will be? You will have once SAP Calculations have been completed by the experienced SAP Assessor.

Building regulations will require an EPC certificate on completion of the project. Ask the SAP Assessor to provide SAP Calculations and youll have an energy performance certificate to show to building officials once the property has taken shape.

Chartered building control surveyors have the knowledge and the expertise to produce SAP Calculations for their clients.

Whats the point of the EPC certificate?

The SAP assessor produces SAP Calculations as part of the EPC certificate to show how energy efficient the property is. Its a legal requirement, theres no getting around SAP Calculations, but they can work in your favour if you decide to sell the property upon completion, or some time in the future.

Work with the SAP Assessor during the planning phase and they can advise you about energy efficiency, and the best materials to use in the construction of the property to give it green credentials.

Show potential buyers positive SAP Calculations in the future and theyll see how energy efficient the dwelling is. This can be a great selling point and make the difference between a property sale or not.

When you need SAP Calculations completed to comply with building regulations contact a trained SAP assessor and benefit from their industry knowledge. has a range of competitively priced services. Visit us today of youre looking for SAP Calculations or an experienced SAP Assessor .

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