If you happen to live in rural Australia you may be eligible for a subsidized satellite phone. There is available what is known as the Satellite Phone Subsidy Scheme to help people get set up with the ability to make calls. The Australian government is doing what it can to give assistance to those folks that either live or work in an area that does not have any terrestrial mobile phone coverage. It is a great plan that is helping many people.

If you are thinking of buying a sat phone then it would behoove you to see if there is a chance that you are eligible for this help. There is help for many different facets of society. The initial requirement is whether or not the person or organization that needs the phone is out of a terrestrial mobile phone area for 180 days over a 2 year time period.

The government assistance program is available for groups or individuals. Any indigenous or non profit organizations are eligible as well as small businesses, community groups, schools, doctors offices, clinics and emergency service organizations are usually beneficiaries of this subsidy. It any of those mentioned has already spent the time that the eligibility requires, all they have to do to complete the process is fill out an application and wait for a decision to be reached.

If you have already gone through the process for subsidy help, put your purchase on hold until you get news of the decision concerning your request for help. The way the money is distributed by the government, requires that the money be paid directly to the phone company or a dealer, and not the actual person or organization that is approved for help. By waiting to see if you are getting help, you could be saving yourself some serious money.

Seeing if you might have a chance at getting some help through this phone subsidy is really pretty simple. By reviewing a map that each carrier has will readily let you know if you area qualify. These coverage maps will show the exact areas where they are offered. This is a shoe in, so to speak. After the location is confirmed, acquire a application from a participating dealer and make sure everything is filled out properly as well as any other required process steps and wait for the approval.

There are bunches of effective Satellite phone plans to choose from. Some people find that the option of Voice (voip) works better for them because of their location.

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