Samrat is a board game that takes you back to 12th – 13th century medieval India. This is the time when Muhammad Ghori unravels his plans to take over India. India was ruled by Prithviraj Chauhan from Delhi and Raja Jaichand from Kannauj in the current state of Uttar Pradesh. To the west, Gujarat was under the rule of Raja Bhimdev II. While history notes the success story of how Muhammad Ghori defeats these kings, Samrat gives the players another chance to rewrite history.

AGES : 10 & Above
PLAYERS : 2 – 4

Each player takes on the role of a king from medieval India and completes his objectives to earn stars. Some of these are based on true Indian history! Players build camps in their kingdoms to produce three types of resources – Gold, Stone and Wood. Use resources to raise an army and complete the identified objectives. The first player to earn five stars (2 players) or seven stars (3 or 4 players) wins the game.

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The game was conceptualised by Kitki, where Playing Is Learning. At Kitki, we design board games that are a lot of fun by themselves, but at the same time, are set in an educational context.
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