It is not an easy task for a single mother to pay all her monthly bills. And it is a truth that there is no extra money for college tuition, and there is no extra time for going across town to classes, anyway. Yet, education can help these singles mother improve things as scholarships for mothers who have to raise her children alone could be utilized to pay for an online education.


You can apply for a Federal Pell Grant based on your income level. This program is very liberal in its qualification guidelines. President Obama has raised the average amount received and the maximum amount available. This assistance can be used for an online education, which fits your needs well as a working mother raising your family on your own.


How do you apply for these single mother scholarships? The first thing you must do is to fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA.) This application can be accessed online, and it is not difficult to fill out. Completing the FAFSA automatically submits your application for federal and state financial aid, individual state deadlines may vary.


Your future and the future of your children could be much brighter if you only had an education. Your standard of living could be very much improved. Additionally, you are setting a very important precedent for your children. You are telling them by your actions that education and achievement is important and attainable. Single mother scholarships can change their lives of Mom and the entire family.


I have done a bit of research for you. This Free Education Guide can help you get the grants you deserve. You can find out if you qualify for school grants for free! Click here to fill out a short form to save money and go back to school for free.

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