The increase in demand of nursing assistants around the globe has increased the number of students applying for this job. This sudden rise is due to the increase in the number of old age and suffering patients. Several states have made it compulsory for the aspiring nursing assistants to complete their education from a recognized school.

There is a long list of schools in various states that provide CNA training program in the field of nursing to the willing candidates. The respective health departments of these states are responsible for providing nursing training and certification to the individuals. Certain guidelines have been issued by such bodies that are to be followed by each and every CNA school of the state.

Some of these rules are stated as under:

• Minimum of 75 hrs of full training

• Both classroom and practical teaching is important

• Regularity and punctuality of the students is a must

• Instructors should be qualified and experienced

The applicants must make sure that the school they are opting for fulfills all these requirements. The job of a nursing assistant is based on the learning from these schools that includes numerous duties along with following job performances:

• Recording vital signs of patients

• Assisting the doctors during operations

• Answering telephone calls

• Filling insurance forms for the patients

• Helping the suffering patients with their daily activities like exercising, bathing, eating and so on

The knowledge gained from these schools is checked in the certification exam that comprises of 2 levels, namely, written test accompanied by a skill test. Mostly, basic nursing skills are checked in the written test and if the candidate passes this test, he/she becomes eligible to give the skill test in which specific skills are tested. A minimum of 80% score is needed to pass the exam and become certified nursing assistants.

In this way, these schools, through their intensive training sessions, create a smooth path for the aspiring nursing assistants to achieve CNA certification and become certified.


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