When it comes to journaling on my scrapbook pages I often freeze up. I can have fabulous pictures in a great layout, but many times my journaling falls short. Some of you layouts will have a great story behind them and the journaling just flows. Then there are the scrapbook pages that the pictures pretty much speak for themselves and tell the story. In these situation I am afraid that too much journaling would take away from the page layout and pictures. For these situations I have found that I like to do my journaling with quotes and phrases. As I said the pictures are pretty much self explanatory of the story they are trying to convey, so a perfect descriptive quote and/or phrase is the key to finishing off your scrapbook page layout.

Journaling with quotes and phrases is a great alternative to telling the story, but the next problem I may encounter is trying to find the right quotes and phrases for the layout. At these times like I wish I were a poet or someone who was blessed with gift of putting the right words together. Unfortunately that was not my gift. There are many books available to help you overcome the lack of the right wording for your scrapbook pages. These books are packed with great quotes, titles, poetry, tips, and words to help complete the message trying to express on your pages. Once you have the right words for your scrapbook pages it opens up many options of application of the words. You can use your own handwriting to apply the wording, computer generate the phrases and then mat them for placement, or stamping them onto the pages or cardstock with ink is also a great alternative. Be creative with the placement of the journaling to your pages.

So the next time you have photos that speak for themselves and are at a loss for words, try journaling with quotes and phrases to add just the right touch to your scrapbook page layouts.

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