Many grandparents want to do something to help their grandkids move forward in their future. Education is a huge part of a child’s future. Saving for post secondary studies is extremely difficult for many of the modern families in North America today. If it is something that you wish to help your grandchildren with, there are ways that you can do this. Section 529 is a plan that is designed to help you save more money in a tax advantaged way so that your savings multiply over the years in a significant manner. Saving for the education of your precious grandchildren is now easier than ever before.

Section 529 is an available plan in all states but it is best to take one out in your very own state. You may be able to receive additional benefits by doing this. It can offer all kinds of protection including security from creditors as well as grant and scholarship matching opportunities where your savings amount could possibly be matched to double it. There are two different kinds of 529 plans that you can choose from. It is important to make sure that you understand all of the details regarding each of them.

One type of the 529 plan is the prepaid plan. The other type is the savings plan. These are not the same and they can vary quite a bit. Make sure to ask questions of the bank personnel that help you to set up your 529 plan. You can choose to buy tuition credits or make specific deposits into this plan. Be sure to read through any fine print and be aware of all of the details. The money that is acquired through one of these plans can later be used for anything that is related to schooling such as tuition, books or other necessary supplies.

There are several benefits to choosing one of these savings accounts.

There are tax deductions that you can qualify for and the account always remains within your control. You can choose when the beneficiary receives the money that is in the account and you can even choose to withdraw the money for yourself if you really want to. There are no rules that take your rights away. It is your money after all. You might be pleasantly surprised at how convenient and easy to this type of savings plan is to start and maintain. It is one of the best and most reliable ways to get a savings plan going for your grandchildren’s education.

There are a few disadvantages associated with the section 529 savings plan. It is considered an asset which will be factored in to other financial equations such as loans. It is actually better for grandparents to put these accounts in their own name rather than the grandchild’s or even their parents names. Taking care of family is something that is important to many of us. Look into section 529 plans by asking someone that you trust. Your grandchildren will truly appreciate it when the time comes that they need it.

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