Challenge Yourself To Break Away From Tradition

The challenge of self-employment can be overwhelming to a person who has always worked for someone else. The very idea of self-employment sends ripples of fear and anxiety into the heart of traditional workers. Traditional people do not seriously think about stepping into the unfamiliar world of self-reliance. Most people are very comfortable and thrive in the traditional workforce. Simply put, most people are follows who don’t want to be independent. Society has spawn a compliant workforce that happily does its bidding. Most people are followers, “wage earners” and do not desire freedom or seek the complexities of self-employment. They don’t have the courage nor persistence to break away from the mold and become anything different.

Is Job security a plus?

Average people are obedient to traditional ideas and will not break from civil boundaries. The comfort of following becomes their life’s compliancy. The tried and proven formula is: “a job equals a paycheck equals security equals satisfaction.” Their main objective is to pay the bills, not their job or independence. When a person becomes complacent, he/she loses the motivation to excel or expand. His/her expectant perception becomes narrow and predictable and he/she settles into a mental daze. As the self is subdued, attention is given to the material world stimulus such as TV, hobbies or seeking relationships. That small creative fire within that could have been a roaring fire, grows cold and eventually goes out.

Why be self-employed?

Why would anyone want to be self-employed? Isn’t working for someone else less risky and just plain easier? Quite possibility it is easier and more reliable working for someone else. But that is no consolation for some of us, we must step outside the box to find and experience a real life experience. It’s not about freedom, no one is truly free, it’s about the challenge and satisfying an inner urge for living life to its fullest. It’s about an adrenalin rush in the risk and facing life in a whole new dimension. And in the end, it’s about finding your true self.

Find a suitable profession

Unless you are an inventor or super smart, you will become self-employed doing something that many have tried and proven in the past. Perhaps your approach may be personalized, but in the end your product or service has already been done, many times over. But, there is one big difference between you and others that have gone before you and that ingredient that magic pill that spawns greatness is . . . You! You are the factor in the success formula. The depth of your endeavor depends on your ability to perform. You must prepare to dedicate yourself for battle by making certain you can face the challenges ahead.

Believe in yourself

Your core beliefs must be high spirited and executed with confidence. Like an Olympian trains for the game, if you are to be a contender, you must also train for success. Success only come to those who pay the price for it. You must sacrifice yourself to the intensity of the challenge. Being adequately prepared could be the difference between success and failure.

What turns a person away from a traditional job and toward self discovery? Many times it’s need. The need to fulfill a requirement, desire or pressure from his/her environment. Most often when there is pressure for money, most people will get a part time job to fill their need. They get the mindset that they need extra money over and above what their current job provides. They don’t think of a complete change in venue.

The fact is, if you have an independent spirit, you will never be satisfied working for someone else. You will constantly be dissatisfied and have a feeling of incompleteness. Your spirit will demand more of you and until you comply, you will never be settled.

Meet the challenge head on

The challenge is not what you are going to do, it’s “if” and “how” you are going to do it. First off, choose something you can do. Don’t worry about loving it and all that junk, just find something you can be productive in. You’re going to be competing with other people, no matter how you look at it, so choose and get started.

Hone your peoples skills

People have a lot of choices and thus far none have been for you. They want quality, low price and most of all, someone they can trust. Build confidence through mannerisms and by being professional and standing by your word. Always treat your customer like a respected equal. Build solid relationships and your customers will refer you to their other acquaintances which is called, “center of influence” marketing.

There’s nothing to it but to do it!

The mechanics of starting a home based business are all pretty much the same. Just follow protocol and lean heavily on your own expertise.

Happy Trails

Donald Yates, Former Director of Business and Leadership Development for Imperial Research, is now retired but continues to assist young people in engaging life through self discovery, Life course planning, intuitiveness and fulfillment. Learn how you can build a powerful organization of your own.

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