The stay at home mom is always looking for ideas to be able to work from home. This is because the children’s hectic schedule make it difficult if not impossible to work a job outside of the home. This can be a dilemma because there are so many so called opportunities out there but the vast majority end up all promises and no income. In order to have real stay at home income and real profit, you have to have flexibility, good profit potential and something that is a proven opportunity to make money. Ebay is the opportunity you are looking for and thrift store clothing is what to sell.

As long as you have internet access and a credit or debit card (required to open and eBay account), you can begin your own business. You can work the hours in the day that you can find the time to devote to this business, maybe just later at night when the kids are in bed but you will now be your own boss. The better boss you are the more successful you will be. The first step to that success is by first knowing more about eBay and what the market on it wants in terms of clothing.

Many thousands of pieces of clothing are sold every single day on Ebay. This means there are a lot of active buyers out there waiting to see brand names listed that they love. Your job is to study the market and then fill it by going to your local thrift store and finding what people want. That requires you study the auctions that have closed on eBay so you can see what items got a lot of bids and what sells for the most money.

This may sound like a lot of work but as you start researching these closed auctions, you will find yourself very motivated when you see names that you have seen in the thrift stores sell for many times what the thrift store price is. This is very real and because of the volume that thrift stores get in, they have to mark everything to turn around fast to make room for the next donated items. You also support their cause by buying your stock there.

As you become more knowledgeable, you will be able to make a bigger profit even though you are listing fewer items. There are two reasons for this. One is the more study you do, the more you will know what sells and what doesn’t. You will have a lot areas to look at that you have researched and know what to look for. You will look for sweaters, jeans, outfits, skirts, winter apparel as well as stuff not only for women but children and even mens clothing as well.

The other reason you will know this besides study is just by doing it. Listing with an educated guess from past auctions you have seen and then finding similar items and then buying them and listing them to see the response. When you list an item and it immediately attracts a lot of bidders and watchers, you know you have a winner. Other times it won’t do as well and you have figure out why. Sometimes it is the time of year. Don’t sell your North Face Parka in July.

Being a stay at home mom is a challenge and when you need income but have little ones at home it is even a bigger challenge. By learning to sell thrift store items on eBay, you will have developed a skill that can lead to many other opportunities to make money from home on the internet. You can find other items to sell on eBay, not just thrift store clothing. There are many other opportunities that will open up to you once you start.

The most important thing to do first is study what people are looking for and then find it. The best part of selling thrift store clothing is selling just a few items for 20 times what you pay for them will pay for a lot more stock! You will never be without more stock and you can buy that stock for very cheap. And best of all you will now have the flexibility to work on your own terms and schedule and not someone else’s.

Tom Graber is the author of Thrift Store Profits, a book about selling thrift store clothing on eBay. You can get a free report at his website, that shows you which names are in demand on eBay.

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