Everyone loves receiving gifts from their loved ones and/or friends. Specially our loved ones serving in the military feel very special when they receive our presents whether it’s on their birthday, an anniversary, any other special day or just because they are important as they serve in our military. These personnel are really important to our homeland security whether it’s for Air Force, Navy or Marine Corps and sending them gifts is realized as a gesture of goodwill.

Sending gift baskets are the perfect gifts you can give to anyone at any occasion. There are number of options that you can choose as Marine Corps gifts. A bag of hard candies and various types of sweets can make up a decent gift basket for a military person who is stationed somewhere in a desert or a remote part of the world. Peppermint and butterscotch hard candies also scores well with military personnel stationed away from home and can be used for gifts for Marine Corps.

Instant foods, that don’t take up much time and energy in cooking, are also valued. Noodles, cereals, powdered milk, drink mixes and oatmeal are some great choices. However spend a little time while packing the gift basket for your loved one, take the instant foods out of the packets and put them in a cool and colorful basket to make it attractive.

Keep in mind that your gift basket has to travel large distances and it must withhold the rigors of the journey. Select a basket that is robust and sturdy and don’t get damaged while being shipped. Don’t use baskets with handles; they are prone to get damaged easily when packed with other cargo. Make sure the items in your basket fits nicely together, like a jigsaw puzzle, so they don’t slide around.

Pack them together tightly without crushing them; this will minimize the probability of them getting damaged. Never use glass bottles that contain liquids and never pack the heavier items at the bottom of the basket.

Make sure you use a duct tape for securing the items and the lid of the basket before you send it. Putting the basket in a cardboard box will be a great idea that can ensure further protection. Invest a little time thinking when sending and packaging Marine Corps gifts and you can make sure your present gets to them in one piece.


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